Mitozoos is an interactive artificial life model created with the objective that through experimentation and play participants will understand tgohe relationship between genetic code and life. The work presents an interface that allows participants to create virtual organisms, called ‘mitozoos’, essentially encoding their DNA, and then witness the evolution of those organisms in a simulated, biological universe. These mitozoos live, reproduce and die, in a system which allows their genetic code to carry on and even mutate, generation after generation. In Mitozoos, genetic information is displayed as a series of color codes, designed taking into account the actual chemical basis of DNA.




If you want to view the Mitozoos World full-screen size or if you want to work on a number of computers at the same time, using one as the Mitozoos World itself and the others as coders, download executable versions for PC or Mac.

download version for Windows (-2M)
download version for Mac (-2M)



the book of the mitozoos

bookThis book is aimed at everyone interested in the Mitozoos project who wants to learn more about its computing, mathematical and biological aspects. It is intended above all for teachers (of biology, maths, computing, art, etc.) who want to use the Mitozoos World as a tool for learning and reflection in the classroom.

Even though it is easy to enter the mitozoos world and play and interact with it (by coding mitozoos and studying their behaviour and evolution), the model contains highly sophisticated aspects related to complex and highly interesting topical issues in the world of genetics and biotechnology.



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