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We founded Bestiario over 17 years ago with the idea of inventing new ways to interact with data. We were the first agency in Europe specialised in data visualisation. Since then, we have developed more than 100 projects for over 80 clients who have seen an opportunity in dataviz to explore new ways of communicating, understanding, and selling their products.

Our Team

At Bestiario, we work at the intersection of data science and design, which is why our team is composed of both designers and programmers who share a high degree of creativity. Our team at Bestiario includes physicists, mathematicians, economists, designers, engineers, and architects.

Working at Bestiario is truly captivating. The dynamic mix of creativity and technical know-how makes every day an exciting journey. Additionally, the opportunity to collaborate with such esteemed clients adds another layer of inspiration to the experience.

Bernat Esquirol - Data Scientist

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