Data is the
smallest unit
needed to
describe reality
We harness the
power of data to
fuel transformation
We are
Embracing exploration in the age of efficiency
As early as 1852, elevators became a safe way to travel up and down. Elisha Graves Otis invented a safety device that prevented a fall in the event of a broken cable. This creation was revolutionary, not only because he designed and marketed his safe elevators, but also because it permitted modern cities to grow in height, thus limiting their territorial expansion and making it possible to build dense cities like New York thanks to the construction of skyscrapers Read full report here.
Bestiario and Banco Santander win Silver for Best use of Digital from the Financial Services Sector at the 2022 Digital Impact Awards
Designing Banco Santander’s Digital Annual Report
Warren Buffett is known for his folksy charm and his memorable quotes about the art of investing. His emphasis on the importance of financial reporting has become a cornerstone of his investment philosophy. He has often said that companies should strive to make their financial reports "as simple as possible, but no simpler." And yet, most annual reports are often complex, lengthy and tedious for investors and individual shareholders Read full report here.
Bestiario and the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) join forces at Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s iconic Barcelona Pavilion to promote the use of wood in construction.
project: The Sense of Smell
client: Puig
The Sense of Smell
Using Puig’s expertise in perfumery and Bestiario’s creative and technological capacities, the aim was to design the world’s first olfactory experience in a museum – an innovative experience that allows visitors of the Museo del Prado discover and interpret this painting, “The Sense of Smell” by Pieter Bruegel and Peter Paul Rubens (1617 – 1618). Read full report here.
Bestiario and Banco Santander win Gold for Best online Annual Report at the 2022 Digital Impact Awards
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Embracing exploration in the age of efficiency
Bernat Esquirol
Otis, the Guggenheim and the exploration of the digital world.
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Our Clients
Bestiario is home to an interdisciplinary culture of designers, scientists, artists and engineers with over 16 years experience at the forefront of data visualization, creative technology and interactive design.

We design and build data-driven solutions that can help clarify complexity, create new knowledge, and drive business innovation.
Jose Aguirre
Founding partner and CEO of Bestiario. 20+ years implementing disruptive solutions, scaling businesses and leading international teams.
Raimon Mirada
Partner at Bestiario and Project Director. 15+ years experience working as data consultant. Economist.
Andrés Ortiz
Creative Director
Founding partner at Bestiario. Responsible for the conceptualization of the projects.
Julián Jaramillo
Art Director
Design lead and partner at Bestiario. Responsible for the art direction of the projects.
Oslo Albet
Creative Coding
Degrees in Mathematics and Physics from Barcelona's UPC Technical University and extensive experience in developing ActionScript, JavaScript and Objective-C of the projects.
Javier Ginebreda
Project Director
Strategy and operations. 8+ year experience as a business consultant. Industrial Engineering degree by UPC and EMBA by IESE.
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There are three main verticals at the core of our services.
Storytelling & Data visualization
We build interactive experiences that help our clients define, explore and communicate data-driven strategic narratives, and navigate complex sets of information.
Data exploration and analytic tools
Our work creates clarity, it helps organizations understand and monitor dynamic systems, optimize processes, find truth in data, and make strategic decisions about their future.
Data-driven innovation
We harness the power of raw data to identify, shape and deliver opportunities that unlock new value for companies and consumers alike.